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Neuro-optometry and vision rehabilitation for people with head injury and stroke

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If you, or someone dear to you has suffered a traumatic brain injury, or stroke, and is experiencing visual disturbances, then keep reading. Our team at LedermanVision is unique in their knowledge and experience in helping those whose visual needs are not being fully addressed.

Traumatic Brain Injury

People who have suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, from concussion, whiplash or other head trauma often experience some of the symptoms in the list below. However, they are often told repeatedly that their vision is fine. They are told that they have the correct prescription. They may even be told that they are imagining their symptoms. But they are not imagining anything. Their symptoms are real and there is an underlying cause. The good news is that the symptoms can be reduced significantly and might be removed completely through the approach of Neuro-Optometry. The treatment may include the use of special prism glasses, colored filters, and/or Optometric Vision Therapy. Optometric Vision therapy utilizes neuroplasticity to teach a patient to use his/her visual system in a more efficient and effective manner. Therapy sessions are carried out in our office under supervision, and homework sessions are usually given. Developmental Optometry gives great hope to thousands of people who are desperate to find a solution to their visual problems.


People who have suffered stroke often experience some visual field loss. What can often be particularly challenging is when someone has visual field loss, but they are entirely unaware of it. This is sometimes called Visual-Spatial Neglect or visual hemi-inattention. It can be a real challenge. The visual field loss often affects one side of the person’s visual world. So, for example, to see what is on their left side (if they have a left-side visual field loss, or hemianopsia) they would need to turn their whole head. At LedermanVision we help people learn to use their vision more effectively when they have suffered visual field loss. We use the specially designed Peli prism glasses. These enable the user to know more about what is going on in the area of space that they can no longer be aware of due to their injury.

People who have Visual-Spatial neglect are unaware that they have any visual field loss. Some don’t have any actual visual field loss, but they are not attending to part of their visual field. This can be frustrating and dangerous, because they make no attempt whatsoever to compensate, and might bump into people, or objects. Obviously, crossing the road would be extremely dangerous, as a person might believe he has looked carefully, where the truth is that he did not look fully to his left side.

At LedermanVision we use the latest hi-tech state-of-the-art equipment to help a person with Visual-Spatial neglect learn that they are indeed missing part of their visual field. This can be life-changing for the person, and for those who care for that person.

Symptoms of brain injury-related visual impairment include:

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