Computer Vision

Eye vision in a digital world

Computers have become part of our lives. We have become so dependent on computers at work and home for e-mail, internet access, word processing, number crunching, and graphic design.

As computer usage has increased, so have related vision problems. One reason is because your eyes need to work harder to focus on the computer screen for a prolonged period. Because of this intense focusing demand, even low amounts of uncorrected astigmatism or farsightedness make your eye muscles work harder. Studies have shown that prescription glasses, designed specifically for computer use, will decrease eyestrain and physical fatigue, and improve productivity.

Whether you are looking at your desktop, laptop or android, you need to have excellent eye-teaming, eye-tracking and focusing skills. If you don’t, you might have difficulty either seeing the screen comfortably, or being able to read smoothly. Poor eye-teaming, or eye-tracking skills make it especially difficulty to read in an efficient way. Tired eyes, headaches and even double vision might interfere with what should be a comfortable experience. In today’s world, we all want to get the most information into our brains as quickly and accurately as possible. And it starts with vision.

The LedermanVision Approach

At LedermanVision, your vision will be evaluated whilst you look at a computer screen! We have found that its best to evaluate our patient’s vision in a situation closest to the one they want to be comfortable in. So, if your using a computer,we will evaluate your vision using unique software developed specifically for this purpose.

Many people complain of dry eyes when looking at the computer screen. When we read, our blink- rate normally drops by about one third. Blinking re-wets the surface of the eye. However, the reduced blink rate doesn’t normally affect us because as we look down at the book, our upper eyelid comes down somewhat, reducing the exposed area of our eye. However, when looking at a desk-top computer, our gaze is almost straight ahead. This means that our eyes are wide open, enabling the tears to evaporate easily from the surface of the eye. When combined with a reduced blink-rate this can really lead to a drying of the surface of the eye accompanied by discomfort. Those with contact lenses are likely to suffer the most. The use of eyedrops, or a humidifier can make a real difference. Regular blinking can help too. Consuming foods rich in Omega-3 has also proven to be effective in building up the oil layer that floats on the tears and helps to prevent evaporation.

Be Serious: The Perfect Screen, the Perfect Chair, the Perfect Glasses

Making sure that you have the right glasses for working at the screen, excellent visual efficiency and an optimal tear film can make all the difference to your efficiency at the screen.

Call us today at 02-623-4888 to reserve an appointment for your computer-vision evaluation, and make sure that you are absolutely the most efficient you can be at the screen.

IMPORTANT: When you come for your vision evaluation, make sure to have measured your working- distance from your computer, and bring it with you to your evaluation.

Computer User's Comfort and Productivity Checklist

(If you suffer with two or more of these symptoms, an evaluation is recommended.)

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