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At LedermanVision, we improve how people see, in life-changing ways. The way you see affects so much of your life. And it can be improved. Dramatically.  At LedermanVision, we use the very latest understanding of neuroscience, and take Optometry to a whole new level. For you. For Life.

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Welcome to LedermanVision. My staff and I are dedicated to meeting all of your vision care needs. We provide caring, comprehensive service that combines personal attention with professionalism. At LedermanVision we reserve a full hour for your initial consultation, giving plenty of time for a really thorough evaluation of your visual status.

Our Services

LedermanVision Evaluation

I dedicate myself to helping you see the world better, at every moment, each day of your life. Because how we see life, is life.

Optometric Vision Therapy

We develop the visual skills needed to help you or your child meet the visual demands of your life at school, work and sports with greater efficiency.

Personalized Glasses Fitting

We take the time to make sure that your glasses look great and are perfectly adjusted for your maximum comfort.

Contact Lens Fitting

We use a vast array of contact lenses to make sure you enjoy the clearest and most comfortable vision day after day!

Neuro-Optometry for People with Head-Injury and Stroke

A neuro-optometric approach to help people who have suffered a head-injury or stroke to get the most out of their visual system. This is especially important in tough times.

Eyecare for Special Populations

Investigating the visual abilities of the person with special needs, with patience and years of experience.

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life-changing optometry

LedermanVision is optometry at a whole different level. And it’s the level you’re looking for. We are all trying to get so much information into our brain. In fact, more that at any time in the history of the world. Some people struggle greatly to do that because of inefficiencies in the way they track, focus or team their eyes. Others just wish they could read faster, or hit the ball, better. Together with my staff, I will apply the full breadth of my professional knowledge to ensure that you get the most out of your visual system so that information can flow to your brain as efficiently as possible. And that can be life-changing.

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What Makes Us Special

We listen

From the moment you call our office you”ll feel how we really listen. We’ve found that it’s the key to being able to start helping our clients to enjoy better vision than they’ve ever experienced.

Personalized Optometry

Providing you with the perfect personalized visual solution for experiencing your life optimally in every situation, day after day.

An holistic approach

Your less-than-perfect prescription and poor visual efficiency is affecting so many aspects of your life in ways that you’ve never thought about. We can change that.

Short term therapy bringing life-long changes

Our program of optometric vision therapy is energized by highly-trained passionate therapists who get the job done. Quickly.


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