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Individualizing your prescription

Have you sometimes felt that you could be getting more out of your glasses? Do you have that feeling that you could be seeing better? At LedermanVision, I help people like you every day, to see better. And that means enjoying your life more.

 When it comes to glasses, it’s not a case of “one size fits all”. From the start of your 60-minute exam, you’ll feel the effort I make to individualize your prescription as you find yourself being asked about all the different things that you’re using your eyes for each day.  You might be using your eyes for driving, different sports, or for reading from a book, device or screen.

Making sure the lenses you’ll receive provide you with optimal comfort in today’s world of high visual demand cannot be done in just a few minutes. One of the things people most struggle with is efficiency and comfort when reading. And that’s not surprising! Of all the activities we do with our eyes, reading is probably the most demanding. And having the perfect prescription is the first step.

Performance enhancing glasses for young people

People often think of reading glasses just for people over 40. That’s because at that age, the words on the page actually start to look blurred. But it’s not only the over 40’s who can benefit from reading glasses. Even young people who look at computer screens or books for hours can feel much more efficient and effective with the perfectly prescribed reading glasses. At LedermanVision we use technology and special testing methods designed specifically to assess whether you can benefit from performance enhancing lenses.

I’ll be taking the time in the exam to investigate whether your eyes are perfectly aligned when you look at a word on the page. If your eyes are not perfectly aligned, it can cause you to be a less efficient reader, or it can lead to headaches. Multifocals, bifocals, prisms, and specifically tinted lenses and overlays when properly prescribed can be life-changing. Slow reading, reduced comprehension, eyestrain and headaches are just some of the symptoms that can be improved almost instantaneously. We’ll even order lenses from overseas if we think they can provide you with the best solutions.

Task-Specific Lenses for you!

Reading music, doing detailed artwork or working with computer graphics can be challenging when you’re not wearing the perfectly prescribed task-specific lenses. When you come for your consultation please make sure to measure the working distances for all of your near-vision  activities so that I can prescribe lenses that will help you feel more comfortable, efficient and productive whether at work, or play.

Precise facial measurements to help you
get the most out of your glasses

Did you know that most people’s faces are not symmetrical? Measuring the distance between the pupil of your eyes is something that you’ve probably had done to you. But taking that distance and using it to position the center of the lenses in the frame isn’t going to be the best for you if your face has natural asymmetries. At LedermanVision we take the time to make sure the center of each lens is sitting in the optimal place in the frame so that you can benefit maximally from the glasses you’ve just bought. This becomes especially important when using thinner lenses. In addition, the height of the center of the lens needs to be adjusted according to the shape of the frame. At LedermanVision we take the time to take all the important measurements to make sure you can really get the best possible experience from your glasses. We hear from our patients time and time again how they’ve never felt more comfortable or seen better than they do with their new, precisely prescribed and fitted, glasses.

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