A LedermanVision Evaluation

A LedermanVision Evaluation

Everyone’s heard of 6/6. But what does that really mean if you see 6/6 with or without glasses? It means you can see things clearly  that are far away, and small. But having good vision is so much more than just seeing small, from far. 

Having good vision means that your visual system is providing the most accurate internal representation of the external reality, in real time. This means that you need excellent eye-teaming, eye-tracking, eye-focusing and visual perception skills to be able to meet all the visual demands of your life. After all, seeing is something we do. 

If you were climbing mountains each day, you’d have a fitness check to see if you are doing that to the best of your ability. Having a fitness check to see if you can climb the stairs, just wouldn’t do! Most people are demanding a huge amount from their visual system. All the looking and processing we do is demanding peak visual performance. Your vision examination at LedermanVision will be relevant. I will evaluate how well you do “seeing”. And because it is improvable, it really is worth checking out.

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